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Lighthouse Elopement in Maine

When Jill & Brian reached out to me with a dream of eloping in Maine, I knew we were about to embark on an extraordinary journey together. Their story, like many I've had the honor of capturing, is a testament to the power of love, the beauty of spontaneity, and the charm of Maine's landscapes.

The Beginning of a Dream

It all started with a call. Briand & Jill were unsure where they wanted their special day to unfold. That's where my role as not just a photographer but a guide and planner came into play. I shared with them a detailed questionnaire, designed to understand their personalities, preferences, and what they envisioned for their elopement.

Crafting the Perfect Day

After reviewing their responses, I presented them with a curated list of locations. Each spot had its unique magic, but Pemaquid Point's iconic lighthouse captivated them instantly. We meticulously planned their day - starting with a small, intimate ceremony at the Topside Inn among a few close friends.

Elopement at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

A Moment Made Official

As their officiant, I had the privilege of signing their marriage license, making their union official. The ceremony was touching, with the couple exchanging heartfelt vows. Afterward, we celebrated with champagne, basking in the joy of the moment.

Maine Elopement Photographer Captures Celebratory moment of couple


Topside Inn Elopement in Maine

Portraits by the Lighthouse

Then, it was off to the lighthouse for portraits. The rugged shores of Pemaquid Point, with the lighthouse standing tall against the Maine sky, provided a breathtaking backdrop. As I captured their love in photographs, the couple shared private vows - an intimate moment that embodied their deep connection.

Couple shares vows at their private elopement at Pemaquid Point and the crashing surf.

This Maine Elopement was held at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.

A Picnic to Remember

Awaiting them was a stunning picnic lunch complete with lobster rolls, a delightful cake, and a charming charcuterie spread. There, by the lighthouse, they indulged in Maine's culinary delights, their love story intertwining with the state's traditions. Picnic and flowers by the talented Midcoast Blooms

Elopement Picnic at Pemaquid Park LIghthouse in Maine

Embracing the Unexpected

Our plans were grand, but as it often happens in life, Mother Nature had other ideas. With rain clouds looming, our adventurous spirits weren't dampened. Instead, we adapted, finding a picturesque park with a covered gazebo. There, under the shelter, Briand & Jill shared their first dance as a married couple, a fun way to cap a perfect day filled with love and spontaneity.

The Essence of Adventure

Brian and Jill's elopement wasn't just a wedding; it was a journey of discovery, a celebration of their unique bond, and a testament to the spirit of adventure. Their story is a reminder that sometimes, the most memorable moments are those that are unplanned, embraced with open hearts and minds.

In Maine, every elopement I photograph is a new story, a new adventure. For couples like Briand & Jill, it's not just about the pictures; it's about the experience, the memories, and the start of a lifelong journey together. If you're dreaming of an elopement that's as unique as your love story, let's start planning your adventure.

As a Maine Wedding Photographer specializing in weddings of under 100, intimate weddings, elopements, minamonies, and micro-weddings across the State of Maine, I'm here to document your wedding day in an unobtrusive, heartfelt way to maximize your ability to say present while capturing authentic, natural moments. Get in touch to discuss your plans!


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