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For Engaged Couples

Wedding planning can be stressful!  You may find yourself faced with numerous choices on a deadline while

navigating complex family dynamics.


That's why I created these simple, 10 minute meditations, so you can  hit the pause button, reflect on the meaning behind your day and to help you return to a healthier state of mind. 

New to Meditation?

If you've never meditated before and feel a little silly- that's normal! Recognise that it's simply a tool to slow the breath and calm the mind. Try not to focus on your feelings about the speaker's voice or the practice itself. 

Focus on the instructions and the intention behind the act and keep your mind open to the experience.  

Meditation is a skill that takes time to develop. 

If you find you love the experience, I encourage you to check out Hemi-Sync to expand your practice. 

For The Wedding Planning Stage

If emails, choices, and other's opinions are causing your heart rate to climb and your mind to race, give yourself 10 minutes to reset.   

This simple meditation is designed you help you relax and reset.  

Enjoy this meditation alone or together. 

Afternoon Light

The Night Before Your Wedding

Wind down before bed with a restful and reflective meditation designed for the eve of your wedding. 

This is self-care for your soul. 

Ensure you wake in the morning feeling rejuvenated, with a mindset of gratitude and love. 

Afternoon Light
Autumn Foliage
Yellow Flowers

The Morning Of Your Wedding 

You've made it to your wedding day! 

Before the flurry of activity begins, give yourself just 10 minutes to check in with your feelings, and set the intention of being fully present and experiencing the day with joy, peace and gratitude. 

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