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Here’s the truth

Trying to plan an elaborate wedding can make the whole experience feel less like a celebration and more like an operation. But if you’re here now, you know …

It doesn’t have to be.


When you get rid of the one-size-fits-all event centers and the insane schedules and the crowds of guests you barely know … the stress disappears. The meaning of the day comes into focus.


Being intentional with your wedding day choices creates space for happiness and gratitude. It’s not necessarily about removing things or cutting costs, but instead cleansing your life of the things that don’t resonate with you to make room for a loving, warm, deeply personal day.


These are the memories that will last, just like the life you’re building together.

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Watch Now

So how do I help you focus on simplicity and intention for your wedding?

I hear you. Let’s lay it out.


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One of the most important things we can do is get to know each other. I care deeply about making sure you feel seen and heard throughout the planning process.


One of the ways I help you plan with a focus on meaning is by sharing my book, Simply Wed. Alongside practical tips for creating your wedding day and location inspiration, I also include ideas for adding meaning, the different types of commitments, and language to use when you’re talking to family about your unique wedding.

We'll also  schedule a few zoom meetings  to talk about ideas, plan a perfect timeline for you and answer questions. 


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Over the course of your wedding day, I’ll document candid moments, meaningful details, and relaxed portraits.


By using easy prompts during portraits, I’m able to elicit natural movement and genuine emotion. I want to capture who you are, so you can always recognize the warmth of love and joy when you look back on your photography.


My approach is to give you space to celebrate with those you love. I’m not in the middle of your moment, but you can trust that I’m nearby capturing it.


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I pour my craft and energy into your photography, and that includes editing your images with a keen eye.


And because I firmly believe that minimalism is about intentionally surrounding yourself with beautiful things that bring you joy and are made to last, I put care into offering high-quality, heirloom albums for my couples. Each album I create is an object with meaning—beautifully crafted, thoughtfully curated, wonderfully real.


Learn more about the importance of documenting love in a tangible way here.

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The freedom to create the day you want

I’m notarized in the state of Maine to sign your marriage license. That means you can self-solemnize or have anyone lead you in your vows.  It’s one more way I work to make sure you have absolute freedom to make this day your own.

I’m selective about who I work with

but I love the opportunity to talk with every couple and see if we’ll be a good fit.

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