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Reaching out is the first step

Dreaming up your perfect intimate celebration against a glorious Maine backdrop feels almost magical. But those visions also raise so many questions - where to begin? How can you make this a reality? I've been there too!

And I'm here to promise you aren't alone in feeling unsure, nervous, or maybe not 100% "ready" yet to dive fully into planning. But gathering the courage to reach out for that very first chat marks an incredibly meaningful starting point. Because putting your vision out into the universe, however small, starts to make it feel amazingly more achievable.

So don't hesitate to fill out this form and say hello - no matter what phase you are at. Whether just daydream ideas or narrowed plans with dates, I'll respond with both empathy AND excitement. Because I can't wait to start this creative collaboration and see the spark of your whimsical wedding dreams at long last coming alive!

Let's start envisioning the magic - you've so got this!

No Matter Where You Are In This Process, 
Reach out, I'm Here to Help!

Photography to capture the true emotion of your intimate wedding

Among the wild, rugged beauty of Maine. 


There is a magnetism to Maine. Once you experience it, the state will keep pulling you back with its raw beauty, rugged shores, and a slower pace that allows you to breathe and live with intention.


You deserve a wedding day that is just as authentic as this gorgeous state. It should unfurl in an organic way, without pressure … without pretense.


I can’t wait to hear what drew you here and how you’d like to honor this important day.

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