Wedding locations in Acadia National Park

Updated: Apr 29

A few popular photo locations in Acadia National Park

Jordan Pond:

Otter Point/Cliffs

Cadillac Mountain

Carriage & Park Roads

Jessup Path:

Ship Harbor Trail

One of my favorite spots on the quiet side: Ship Harbor Trail. ( excuse the poor quality cell phone images) I think is such a pretty location but these images don't do it justice.

Photos by Kate Crabtree:

Photo by Kate Crabtree:

Sandy Beach

Monument Cove

photo by Brandon Kopp

Little Hunters Beach by Scott Davenport

Super secret spot:

Taft Point Reserve

Schoodic Point

Davis Photo:

Photos by Kate & Keith

Google Photo:

Winter Harbor & Frazer Point:

Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge:

You can pick blueberries on the path

Stop for Ice cream: