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Maine Island Wedding

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Unforgettable, one-of-a kind destination wedding experiences- the Maine Islands.

Whether you're eloping, hosting an intimate event or inviting a crowd, there is a Maine Island experience perfect for your wedding day. Rustic to comfortable, remote to centrally located, let's get into all the unique Maine island wedding venues to say "I-do"!

A few things to keep in mind when planning an Island Wedding in Maine:. .a complete list . Maine has numerous smaller islands and interesting locations to explore but this will get you started.

A few things to keep in mind when planning an Island Wedding in Maine:

- You'll need vendors who are experienced and understand the intricacies of island events. They're complex from a logistics point of view and every vendor should be ready for these challenges.

- Understand not only your transportation to and from the island but transportation once you're on the island. Some Islands have car ferries and some are foot traffic or golf cart only. Golf cart rental if available is very much worth it. Some islands don't have websites listing this type of service if it's small so you may want to call or a hotel or even a general store to ask.

- Lodging and booking- many Maine Islands get booked up in the summer. You'll need to plan well in advance or pick a location that offers lodging on the mainland. If you're only booking lodging for the two of you, you'll have better luck.

-Islands without venues don't have to be crossed off. If you're having a small event and your rental allows it, check out vbro and air b&b for some private locations!

- Always check to see if a permit is needed- no matter how small your event.

Both my and my husband's families have strong connections to the Maine Islands and we've spent time on so many ... I'd love to tell you more about them.


Dotting the coast as you drive towards Portland you'll find many small islands with coastal preserves. Not much infrastructure to speak of, but quiet hiking and a private place to share your elopement vows.

Once you reach Portland Harbor though the possibilities open up:

Peaks Island

One of Southern Maine's most favourite islands, my family has been vacationing here for generations. It features several restaurants, wedding venues, close proximity to Portland, and regular, affordable ferry service year round.

A wedding on Peaks means a fun, Island experience without much hassle. All of Portland and beyond of sleeping accommodations, island rentals and easy transportation.

I've done tiny elopements and large scale weddings here through the years- so are so many options on this super cute island!

Another Casco Bay island steeped in fascinating history offering first class a first class dining experience and water view ceremony site!

Arrive via ferry, water taxi, or private boat to explore this off-the-beaten-path island treasure. Upon arrival visit the onsite store for to-go items to enjoy a picnic, or unwind for lunch or dinner at the restaurant with a cocktail or local craft beer. Getting here is a breeze and part of the fun. Whether you take a short ferry ride from Portland's Old Port District or come by private boat, it's a pleasure to glide across the sparkling waters of Casco Bay and take in the remarkable scenery that surrounds you. When you disembark at the ferry terminal or marina, you'll find it's only a few steps to the restaurant, where a warm welcome awaits.

Elopement Idea:

Take a scenic cruise around the islands via prviate charter then land at the island for private vows and pictures on the island. Stay in a gorgeous suite at the resort and have a decious private meal provided.

Portland Maine Unique Wedding Venue

Dreaming of a wedding that will showcase the incredible beauty of Maine and be a little adventurous? Look no further than Cow Island.

I've photographed a few weddings here and I always marvel at what a unique experience it is for guests.

Hire a schooner to sail around Portland Harbor where you can say your vows aboard or just enjoy a scenic cruise with cocktails. Or hire a ferry to bring your guests over from Sail Maine.

On the Island you'll find a rustic water side ceremony site, cocktail area with zip line, tented dining site and dance floor and spot for band.


Hire a planner for this type of event who can you help you coordinate the logistics of getting everything back and forth to the Island. Find Vendors familiar with the experience.

Request additional golf carts. Getting around the island for older folks and for you and your photographer is essential.

House Island

Get married on your own private island with 3 gorgeous homes and 10 bedrooms on site!. Perfect for luxury Maine Weddings or private elopements and all only a few mintues away by charted boat from the vibrant community of Portland!

Photo from Chebeague Island Inn

Located on the largest island in picturesque Casco Bay and easily accessible via ferry service from Portland and Yarmouth or by water taxi, Chebeague Island Inn offers the exciting escape of a destination wedding at a fraction of the effort for your guests. Our 21-room boutique hotel features serene and comfortable guest rooms where your guests can relax free from the distractions of TVs and phones. A 1920s era Great Room will be a comfortably stylish spot that will entice you and your wedding party to gather throughout the weekend. For your more active guests, our property is within walking distance of a 9-hole golf course, sandy beaches, free rental bikes, and tennis courts.


Harpswell & Bailey Island

Want to skip the boat? Bailey Island in Harpswell offers a drivable island experience. Another area I'm very fond of! ( I grew up summering in this area and lived here for a time, and we're often in the area visiting family!)

The makeup of the area is changing rapidly from a quiet fishing community to an area filled with stunning estates yet some of the most iconic views remain accessible. You'll find a few wedding venues here as well.

I'm particularly fond of this area as my husband and I lived here when we were first married and much of family is on the islands.

Steps from gorgeous mackerel cove, this quaint space is perfect for your intimate wedding/reception. You can even have a tented event on the lawn.

Beautiful mix of history and quaint New England. ( Photos from Bailey Island Google Listing)

Elopement Ideas:

With numerous trails that run through forest and rocky shorelines and ruggest beaches, you have a wealth of ceremony locations. Cap of your evening with a private Lobster dinner pulled right from the ocean beside you.

Wedding Venues:

Farmhouse style from top to bottom, this venue offers all the space you need for your larger event and oozes charm! ( Photos from Live Well Farm Website)

My own parents tied the knot here back in the 70s and it's still an awesome location. Overlooking the harbor and the Cribstone bridge and delicious food in a casual atmosphere. ( Photos from Cooks Lobster House)

One of Maine's historic Bed and Breakfasts right on the water offering plenty of space for your ceremony and reception tent plus 10 rooms for lodging out of town guests! ( Photos from Harpswell Inn Website)

Just a 1/4 mile from the shore this island is home to Hog Island Audubon Camp! Rustic accommodations and unique scenery make this a wonderful destination for your adventurous event! ( Photos from Hogg Island Website)

Maine Island Wedding Venue

Monhegan Island

I'll admit I'm ridiculously excited about the prospects of photographing a wedding on Monhegan one of these days. It's a favourite destination of mine because it's like traveling back in time. It's so incredibly beautiful and not that difficult to access despite being a good distance from the main land.

Pictures don't do this place justice. With plenty of lodging and incredible scenery every where you look this is the perfect spot for you smaller event or adventure elopement.

Inquire directly with the Monhegan House and the Island Inn . There is also a beautiful church on the island if that is of interest to you.


North Haven

Photo from Turner Farm Website

Situated on the island of North Haven in the Penobscot Bay of Maine, our charming venue resides on a diversified working farm that has become locally renowned for exceptional service and exquisite cuisine. Both ceremonies and receptions can be accommodated at this spacious venue with indoor and outdoor event areas offering views of the stunning natural landscape.

Nestled between the vegetable fields lies our specially-designed ceremony site with wooden benches and a birch arbor. Surrounded by rolling hills and dazzling views of the Goose Rock Lighthouse and neighboring islands, it is the perfect place to say ‘I Do’. After your walk down the aisle, the post-and-beam barn is the perfect place for your celebration reception with your nearest and dearest. Featuring high ceilings, wood furnishings, and long communal dining tables. This enchanting space radiates a feeling of rustic warmth and splendor. Full catering services are provided and our talented catering team will assist you in creating the perfect menu for a farm-to-table meal.

Mount Desert Island

Home to a number of gorgeous venues and elopement locations and of course, Acadia National Park, I take a deep dive into the venues and locations in another blog post.

You have endless opportunities here for scenic and secluded trails, large and small wedding venues and amazing dining options.

Acadia Wedding Photographer

Cranberry Island

The Cranberry Isles consist of five islands. Only two, Greater Cranberry and Little Cranberry are open to the public. Travel to these islands offer as many sights as the islands themselves. You can experience the unique feel of Island life and scenic solitude while Hiking and Biking these Atlantic treasures.

Cranberry Island Maine Island Wedding Venue
Islesford Dock Restaurant

Wedding Venue:

Overlook the water and enjoy the freshet seafood. Enjoy a scenic cruise- a prefect location for your mid-size wedding.


Another active island with with many amentieis and accessible by ferry service, Vinalhaven is a great spot further up the coast to stay or hold a wedding. WIth charming inns, churches and beaches, there are numerous plaecs to hold your event.

Photographer: Peter Frank Edwards

If you're opting for an adventure elopement, there are so many great options. Visit a stunning lighthouse togheter for your vows at Marshall Point Lighthouse before an adventurous ferry ride to the island for more photos, catered picnic lunch and checking into your cozy lodging. A magical option!

Deer Isle

Deer Isle is an island reachable by bridge. It is made up of a small cluster of communities with almost 3,000 residents in the year-round population. Lobstering is a big part of their economy, along with a variety of other things. Granite is quarried, and there are artists' galleries and studios all around the island.

If Acadia National park is on your list but you want to avoid the throngs of tourists, this is a great option.

For Elopements:

Many visitors come to Deer Isle to explore the natural beauty protected by the Island Heritage Trust's nature preserves. One not-to-miss treasure is the Barred Island Preserve, with fairy tale-esque boreal fog forests along the hike to the sand bar that leads out to Barred Island at low tide. This sand bar is only accessible for a few hours before and after low tide, as at mid to high tide it becomes fully submerged, cutting off access to the island. The frigid water deters most, but the thriving wildlife entices, with bald eagles, osprey, and songbirds like black-throated warblers and hermit thrushes calling the preserve home.

Another preserve offering invigorating hikes is Crockett Cove Woods, spanning 98 acres of old growth firs and spruces cloaked in emerald ferns and moss. For a day focused on wildlife sightings, many opt for a boat tour from Stonington to the puffin nesting grounds on Seal Island. Disembarking on the island itself is prohibited, but the offshore cruising offers plentiful puffin spottings and photo opportunities.

Isle Au Haut

Tucked away from the crowds flocking to Acadia National Park, the remote island of Isla Au Haut offers refuge for those seeking a peaceful escape surrounded by natural splendor. Reached only by Mail Boat from Deer Isle and located just 14 miles from the mainland park, Au Haut encompasses a 2,700 acre extension of Acadia, with 18 miles of pristine hiking trails ripe for exploration. Though over 3 million visitors descend upon Acadia proper each year, Au Haut sees less than 10,000 annually due to strictly limited daily visitor allowances that help preserve the fragile island ecosystem and quiet residential communities. Au Haut eschews popular tourist conveniences, prioritizing understated and unspoiled charms. To fully immerse in the island’s beauty, experience panoramic Atlantic vistas along the Western Head and Cliff Trails, packing a picnic to heighten the sublime serenity.

As a Maine Wedding Photographer specializing in weddings of under 150, intimate weddings, elopements, minamonies, and micro-weddings across the State of Maine, I'm here to document your wedding day in an unobtrusive, heartfelt way to maximize your ability to say present while capturing authentic, natural moments. Get in touch to discuss your plans!


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