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Cow Island Maine Intimate Wedding

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Meet Alanna and Chris:

In their own words: Alanna and Chris met, by the best of fortunes, in a car deeply entrenched in Washington D.C.-area traffic. It was July 2016, and, independently convinced to go to a dinner in northern Virginia by mutual work friends, they ended up sharing a ride to and from the restaurant, where they talked about Maine, possibly sang Broadway, and thought up reasons to see each other again. Happily, they did. Since then, their adventures have been close to home and far, and they and their preposterous and perspicacious dog, Cora, look forward to many more.

Fast forward to today, their wedding day, and I can honestly say that you won't find two people more in love than these two.

The two wanted a small, intimate wedding surrounded by just their closest friends and family. They also wanted things to be low key and simple, with the relationships they share with their loves ones to be front and center.

We spoke by email and then by video chat to get to know each other better and I jumped at the chance to photograph their adventurous wedding in Portland Harbor.

We started off the day with a cup of coffee and a few quiet minutes in Brewed Awakenings.

Then we were off to the docks.

Yes. It was a rainy and chilly October day but everyone took the weather in stride, no one wanting to pass up the opportunity to sail around the harbor on the beautiful 1912 wooden schooner Wendameen.

We suited up in our rain gear and took to the sea.

Children were able to stay cozy and warm below deck.

There's just something about Portland Harbor in the fog and mist that is so beautiful to me.

The map let us know we were close to landing on Cow Island in Portland Maine, the venue for the Ceremony and Reception.

I had mentioned to the couple before the wedding day that perhaps they could wear some colorful wellies on their wedding day ( what was I thinking!) but fortunately they came in the far better choice- bean boots.

Alanna did a few push ups and jumping jacks to get warmed up in the tent before hopping into her gown and getting ready for the ceremony.

I was just floored that after a chilly, breezy boat rode. she could look this beautiful with virtually no effort. From Bean boots to ball gown, she wears both exceptionally well.

In just a few short minutes she was ready to meet up with her father to start the walk down the isle.

Dad looked proud when he saw her waiting for him on the path and he greeted her with a kiss

The ceremony, conducted by both fathers of the bride and groom was short, personal and oh so sweet. I love hearing new details about my couples when listening to their ceremonies. I can't lie, I have to be on myself constantly to pay attention to my work during these parts and not get completely swept up in the moment myself.