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How do you plan a non-traditional micro-wedding?

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

If you're considering skipping the elaborate, formal wedding and opting for something smaller and intimate how do you know what traditions to keep and what to throw out?

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What is a micro-wedding?

Micro-weddings fall somewhere between a true elopements with only two witnesses and mid to larger scale weddings. They tend to be a little shorter in length and have far few guests (no ballrooms necessary). They can be traditional or completely non-traditional- there are no rules!

Is a micro-wedding good for a budget option?

Yes and No. While you can be extremely frugal with a micro wedding, most micro-weddings are based around the idea of quality over quantity. They often include elements like a professional photographer, lovely flowers, delicious food and a beautiful cake. The difference lies mostly in quantity. So yes- mice-weddings are generally less expensive than a huge wedding for 100+ people but they aren't necessarily cheap. Micro-weddings are like that porridge that is juuuuust right! . You can marry on a stunning clifftop in Acadia national park, treat your guests to an intimate reception dinner at that ‘special occasion’ restaurant, serve bottomless bottles of your favorite Champagne - these are options that a tiny guest list will afford you. But the real kicker? You will actually get to talk to each and every guest- and enjoy the food you're serving!

Is a micro-wedding right for me?

A micro-wedding might be right for you if....

  1. You don't want to walk down the isle with a sea of eyes on you.

  2. Eloping sounds like fun but there is a group of people you are close to who you want to be present.

  3. You have a list of must haves that might not be possible with a bigger guest list or different budget, specific venue, or reception style.

  4. You don't want to be stressed to the max on your wedding day trying to orchestrate a complicated timeline.

  5. You love the thought of a small gathering of your special people celebrating a very important moment in your life.

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So What Traditions Do I Keep?

The good news is- there are no rules with micro-weddings! The first thing I recommend you do is to picture in your mind what you most look forward to on your wedding day. Do you love to dance, like fine food, lawn games? What's important to you?

Anything that makes you light up with the thought of is a must-have and should absolutely be included on your wedding day.

A micro-wedding day can look very similar to a traditional wedding day:

2:30- Makeup, hair & preparations

3:44 -First look- enjoy seeing each other for the first time before any of your guest. Hold each other for a quiet minute.

4:15- Head to the Ceremony location. (Travel the path to your scenic overlook, walk to the edge of the lake by your cabin)

4:30- Ceremony Begins

5:30- Guests head to the reception location for apps & drinks, couple enjoys a portrait session.

6:30- Bride and groom arrive to reception venue- A Toast & Dinner

8:00- Games, dancing or other activity

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You can get creative on the venue

There are so many great alternatives to the typica] square event room.

- Catering on the front porch or patio of a vacation rental on a lake.

- At the Orchard

- In the Gardens of a Bed and Breakfast

- Your Own Backyard or a Friends!

- Art Museum

- Summer Camps

- A Picnic in the National Park

- On a boat

- At a Restaurant's Private Patio

- On a Rooftop

- At the Beach or in a Field.

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Your wedding attire- basically- if you wear it on your body during your wedding- it's wedding attire. So skip David's bridal if you like and consider alternatives like rent the runway or look at eco-friendly options like consignment. Hire a seamstress to turn mom's dress into the modern dress of your dreams or go all out and buy the dress in the catalog you're drooling over.

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Desert- Again- there are no rules with mico-weddings. Opt for a small cake from your favorite bakery or go for pies, cookies or ice cream!

Entertainment :

Toss a few beanbags, have decks of cards and cribbage about- have a small jazz quartet or build your own rocking playlist- just because you're having a small event doesn't mean you can't have a little fun together!

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If you're looking for small wedding packages or elopement photography in Maine, chat with me! I'd love to hear about your dream wedding day and help you make it come to life!


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