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Budgeting for an Elopement in Maine

If your thoughts have been drifting to an elopement in Maine but you're unsure of what elopement might cost, this post is for you! Eloping in Maine appeals to adventure-seeking couples not only to avoid stressful wedding planning, complicated family dynamics, and overdone traditions but also to invest savings into an extraordinary occasion spent immersed together in the state’s wild natural splendor.

But what fits into an elopement budget that still feels special? While far below the $30K+ average 2023 wedding cost, you can prioritize lavishing intimacy, wow-worthy backdrops, and lasting memories over guest lists.

Below is an overview of potential Maine elopement costs for elements like stylish attire, fresh flowers, gourmet lobster bakes for two on the coastline, or cozying up on the mountaintops in winter. Keep in mind that price can vary greatly depending on location and quality and this is certainly not an all-inclusive list.

  • Flights: $300-$800 per person

  • Lodging: $250+ per night

  • Attire: $500-$1200+ each (or save with pre-owned gowns/suits!)

  • Fresh blooms: $300

  • Activities: $1000+ (sailing, horseback riding, sea plane, etc.)

  • Hair + Makeup: $300

  • Officiant: $300

  • Photographer: $5,000+

  • Videographer: $2,000+

  • Announcements: $300

  • Accessories/Gifts: $300+

  • Romantic dinner for two: $200+

  • Champagne: $150

  • Car rental/private day of driver: $300+

  • Wedding Album/Prints: $800+

  • Permits: $250

With just these estimated basics costing under $15K, you gain plenty of remaining wedding budget to sprinkle in smaller personalized details like couples massages, custom shrugs or jewelry representing shared hobbies, cozy cabin or yurt rental fees, fancy bubbly to sip from across jacuzzis, elaborate multi-course meals, helicopter tours over the fall foliage and more!

The flexibility of an elopement means all those lavish vendor line items around DJs, venues, cake designers and excessive décor for hundreds of guests get traded for treating yourselves to a completely customized love-infused escape. Contact me anytime to chat about transforming your Maine elopement dreams into a beautiful bespoke reality!

As a Maine Wedding Photographer specializing in weddings of under 100, intimate weddings, elopements, minamonies, and micro-weddings across the State of Maine, I'm here to document your wedding day in an unobtrusive, heartfelt way to maximize your ability to say present while capturing authentic, natural moments. Get in touch to discuss your plans!


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