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Biddeford Pool: Maine Beach Elopement

Margaret and Joe held an intimate wedding on the beach in Biddeford Pool, a lovely spot in Southern Maine. The two met at a sea dogs game and felt a connection right away.

Wanting to keep their ceremony simple, they only invited a few close friends to stand at their side. They weren't even sure they wanted a photographer at first but decided that they needed to document this important day.

Joe grew and picked the flowers for Margaret's bouquet himself.

They didn't want a big fuss but they their friends still made it special baking a cake, bringing appetizers and flowers.

Margaret kept it non-traditional and wore a fabulously colorful dress. I'll admit, I squealed when I saw it for the first time!

Wells Maine Photographer

It was a gorgeous evening in Biddeford Pool. We went at sunset so the beach was quiet with only a few lingering sun bathers and light was softer than the harsh light of mid-day.

Maine Intimate wedding photographer

Maine Beach Wedding Photographer

After the ceremony they held hands to say a prayer together.

Maine elopement photographer

Maine Beach Elopement

Maine Elopement Photographer

Maine Beach Wedding

If you're hosting a simple wedding or elopement in Maine and want a no-fuss wedding photographer- please contact me. I'd love to talk with you more!


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