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Andrea & Denise: Peaks Island

Updated: May 24, 2021

Andrea & Denise had a picture perfect wedding day out on Peaks Island, a place very special to my family. My husband's 105 year old ( !!!!!) grandmother lives out on peaks island and he vacationed there every summer as a child. He's been bringing me there through the years and while it has become much more touristy in recent years, it still has a quaint feel and beautiful scenery that keeps us coming back!

I love how quick and easy the ferry service is from Portland to the Island. They make it a snap to bring your whole crew over and back and add to the fun of having an Island Wedding.

This is one of my favorite bridal pics. She is stunning in this warm glow light.

Golf cart transport on the island is the way to go and it makes for a fun photo too!

I love all the emotion of a wedding day. Let the happy tears flow!

What an incredible evening.

Of course we had to slip away from the party for 15 minutes at golden hour for a few more shots.


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