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8 Ways to reduce waste and host a more sustainable wedding.

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Did you know ...

So how can you host a wedding with less environmental impact? I've got 8 ideas to help reduce your wedding's footprint.

1. Skip the cheap party favors and kill two birds with one stone by decorating your event with beautiful potted plants that your guests can take home with them or plant them in your own garden after your wedding day for a sweet reminder.. When selecting your plants ask where they are grown and opt for something grown locally and ones that will have some longevity.

2. Go digital.

If you are going to bring initiations look for 100% sustainable recycled post-consumer paper or opt for an electronic invite that makes RSVPing incredibly easy! There are numerous websites like that can help you create a lovely invitation that won't waste paper.

3. Source local, seasonal food

When booking a caterer try to find someone who sources local, seasonal food. Try searching Farm to Table, organic catering to get started.

4. FOOD: Compost, recycle and donate.

Plan ahead on how your waste will be managed at your wedding. Depending on where you live, you can hire companies to pick up your compost. You can also search for local neighborhood gardens or gardening groups that compost and work something out with them. Just be sure to ask your wedding venue how many trash receptacles they have be very clear about how to create signage to separate everything. You can also arrange for any leftover food to be driven to a local shelter. You'll need to call around to find out who will accept leftovers before hand and then arrange for delivery after your event. Save more than food scraps! Toothpicks, paper napkins, cupcake liners, and latex gloves are also all compostable. And as long as they're not lined or coated with plastic, paper plates and trays can be composted as well.

5, Limit your guest list:

If you follow me at all- you know I'm a huge advocate for SMALL weddings. Small is a bit relative but weddings that host 100+ people produce more waste and increase the amount of stress you'll experience in planning and lesson your own enjoyment of your day. Check out my blog post on cutting your guest list without hurt feelings.

6. Shop Vintage

With the help of a talented seamstress a found dress or your mother's dress can be made modern and exactly to your taste. There are so many amazing examples of this on the internet!

7. Floral bouquets and boutonnieres

If you are going to shop for these- again- ask about where the flowers are grown and choose as local as possible. You can also grow your own flowers if you have a green thumb- ask your favorite gardener to help or forage on public lands. Keep your arrangements small.

8. Remember LESS Is more.

If you want a truly less wasteful, less stressful wedding, cut back on everything. Cut back on the guest list, cut back on the locations ( get married and hold your reception in ONE location!) Cut back on decor, favors and extras. Simple in surprisingly beautiful and it draws our attention to what you've intentionally put your efforts into- like your relationships!


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