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25th Anniversary at the Cliff House in York

When Dawn emailed me to inquire about an anniversary photo session and mentioned that the year prior her husband had died and then came back to her I knew that I HAD to make this session happen. Photography is so much more to me than just a business transaction. It's about stopping for a moment, being together, appreciating the time you have with your loves ones right now. It's not easy to do that these days; I know. But Dawn and Johnny know all to well how important today is. I can't thank them enough for letting me photograph them at the Cliff House in York, Maine. This session is love.

"My husband & I celebrated our 25th anniversary and stayed at Cliff House Maine. We are from the Chicago Area and I found Liz online. She was amazing ! We talked often before , I sent her examples of what I had in mind. Intimate moment pictures. She captured exactly that ! She’s a naturally happy person and was so pleasant to be around. She made you feel comfortable and was interested in hearing our story. She took that story, and documented it. Gave us back this gift that we can not only have for ourselves but for our kids and grandkids and their kids too. Thank you Liz. From the bottom of our hearts .. thank you.:- Dawn

Love stories are my favorite stories. If you're looking for a Maine Elopement photographer or hosting an intimate wedding in Maine and would like simple, natural light photography for your event, please message me.


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