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10 Reasons to Elope in Maine.

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Why Elope in Maine by Maine Elopement Photographer

(Hannah & Adam's intimate lakeside wedding in Northern Maine)

If the idea of a simple but passionate wedding in a natural setting sounds like a dream come true, then an elopement in Maine might be the perfect option for you. ( See what I did there with the rhyming? )

Join me in a four part series where I share "Why You Should Consider Elopement in Maine", "How to Elope in Maine", "Where to Elope in Maine" and "How to Make your Maine Elopement Special".

10 Reasons to Consider Elopement in Maine

1. Splurge On Only The Things That Matter - Like Cake. ( Cake always matters (( please get cake)).

Maybe you're saving for something big like a home or you just prefer having a little padding in your bank account. Elopements are a great way to save cash. In 2016 the average Maine wedding cost $25,000! Elopeing can can save you a bundle so you can splurge on the things that matter most to you like the dress, photography, a cake for just the two of you ( and me!), or a honeymoon cabin in the woods.

Maine Elopement Wedding cake

(Photo by Elizabeth Ivy Photograph)

Imagine a picnic spread like this one for just the two of you. Swoon...

(Photo by Tonie Christine)

Honeymoon cabin? Yes please.

(Libby Camps in Maine)

2. Knock it off with the stress already.

When did weddings get so dang stressful? If the first thing you think about when envisioning your wedding is where to seat Aunt Sally so she doesn't argue with Uncle Frank or if your cousins will turn their noses up at your vegan food selections, then planning an intimate elopement is probably going to be a life saver for you. Elopements are purely about love and nothing more so if you're worried you'll need therapy after hosting your family, consider an alternative.

Maine Elopement Photographer

3. Choose An Amazing Location

Want to get married in a lovely field of flowers or on your favorite hiking trail in Acadia National park? If you don't have a crowd, a tent, a caterer and the like- you can get married just about anywhere your heart desires and Maine has so many wonderful places to consider.

Elopement in Maine

(Photo by Elizabeth Ivy Photography)

4. Your Love Is The Center of Attention

Dread the idea of all eyes on you as you walk down the isle? Hate small talk and mingling with crowds of people all evening? I do! If you're a bit introverted, consider scraping the formalities and instead enjoy listening only to your partner's vows. Eloping in Maine means you can focus all of your energy on your love for each other. Awwww, how romantic.

Maine Elopement

(Photo by Elizabeth Ivy Photography)

5. Forget The Rules!

Be a rebel. Shred those bridal magazines and delete that Pinterest board. Put down your smart phone and walk away slowly.. Make this day your own. Paddle away in a dingy to your island campsite or wear a green wedding dress. You'll always look back fondly at your wedding day if its a true reflection of you.

Lakeside wedding elopement in Maine

(Photo by Elizabeth Ivy Photography)

6. You don't need to go it alone- make a VIP guest list!

It's fine to bring along a few close friends or even 10. These days the definition of elopement has become more flexible. No longer does it mean that you steal away in the night on a moment's notice without telling anyone. Its common to now include a few friends and plan your event several months in advance. In Maine you'll need two witnesses to make your wedding official so why not bring along two close friends to share in your joy. ( Don't want anyone else there? Look for my next blog post on how to handle this). But hey- if you want to keep it a secret, I won't tell if you don't!

Intimate Wedding in New Hampshire by Elopement Photographer Elizabeth Ivy Photography

7. The After, After Party

I get it, you don't want anyone feeling left out and who doesn't love a good party? Throw a casual event in your backyard after your elopement and invite everyone over for a simple celebration together. You can even briefly reenact your vows or run a slideshow of your elopement in the background. There are many ways to help your loved ones feel included without inviting them to the actual ceremony.

(From Tara Milk Tea Blog)

8. Be Kind To The Environment:

Did you know that the average wedding produces 400 to 600 lbs of garbage? Damn! Hold an intimate elopement in Maine and leave no trace, Mother Earth will thank you.

9. You have better things to do than spend months planning and executing all of the details.

Don't want to agonize over invitations, wedding hashtags, venues and tastings? Consider this: Favorite Hiking Trail, Check. Wedding Officiant, Check. Photographer, Check. Outfits, Check. Wait, that's everything? Yes it is my friend, yes it is.

10. Have an adventure AND a good story.

Feel adventurous on your wedding day and enjoy retelling the story of your elopement to those you meet. It will be unlike most wedding stories and completely unique to you. <3

So did I convince you?


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