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Down-to-earth, Rooted in Intention 

Award Winning, Emotive Photography

for the Couple Seeking Meaningful Connection for their Intimate Wedding or Elopement.


Hi, I'm


Encircled in the warmth of family & friends, food that’s shared over cozy tables and the sound of conversations that tumble into laughter. Quiet moments shared and the incredible natural scenery that makes Maine magic.

My documentary approach captures all the real and raw goodness of your special day without the stress and over-production you find so often in the wedding industry. 

It's okay to reject the idea of a stuffy, elaborately orchestrated event that's likely to leave you stressed out, exhausted and disconnected and exchange it for a wedding day focused on connection and relationships. 

It's those intimate moments between loved ones combined with the beauty of Maine that are the heart and soul behind the imagery I capture for my couples. 

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Love Notes: 

"We had a 50-person wedding on an island in Maine. Above and beyond her beautiful photography, Liz was a wonderful presence at our wedding, she made everything so easy, and she had the ability to be everywhere at once, but never once in the way."

Liz is a wonderful person and photographer. We eloped with our children while on vacation in Maine. She did ALL the leg work for locations and had everything planned. She even changed course a few weeks before (at our request due to the amount of people). The day was so relaxing and all the kids loved this instead of a traditional wedding (us too).

We got a few photos in a sneak peek and let me tell you what... STORYBOOK PHOTOS. Family enjoyed browsing the gallery once it was up and those photos were just as lovely.

Liz was worth every penny and I would 100% recommend her and/or use her again. I cannot say enough good things about Liz.

Autumn & Ben


You’re seeking a wedding day that feels genuine and imagery that matches the natural feel and deeper emotion of the day. No elaborate orchestration or artificial posing.

My goal, always, is to create images that move you.

It begins the very first time we talk. As we build a real relationship, I’ll learn what matters most to you. So on your wedding day, I’ll know exactly how to best document these memories and you’ll have space to simply enjoy your day.

My unobstrusive approach to wedding day photography pairs beautifully with the type of celebration that is: 

  •      Purposefully intimate 

  •      Relaxed, but full of emotion

  •      Focused on heartfelt rituals

  •      Celebrated with authenticity

  •      Surrounded by love and nature

  •      Curated with details that emphasize quality, beauty and meaning. 

These weddings offer a breath of fresh air in a world saturated in Pinterest images and social media reels. You're a couple who honors what feels true to you. 

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This is my promise to you:
I’ll help you create the authentic, purposeful day you want. 

I want you to think of your wedding photography, not as a transaction, but as an experience built on trust and understanding.


In return, you can expect...

  • A calm, reassuring presence to help you see the bigger picture instead of getting bogged down in minutiae

  • A portrait session that is relaxed and fun and doesn’t steal focus from enjoying your day

  • Allowing things to unfold naturally instead of staging fussy productions or forcing any portrait traditions that don’t resonate with you

  • An unobtrusive approach (think “fly on the wall” not paparazzi)

  • Portraits that depict your day exactly as you remember it, guaranteed to help you relive every special moment. 

This is the art of effortless photography


Surrounded by the sort of unreal beauty you’ll only find in Maine


Something magical happens once you cross the border. The billboards disappear, the world comes alive, and the noise of life grows quiet. Maine is the sound of waves against a rocky shore and the whisper of wind through the trees. It’s mountain lakes and lobster boils and the freedom to roam. 


Almost every couple I work with has a connection to Maine, whether that’s Midcoast, Down East or the western lakes and mountains. This is just the sort of place that calls you back over and over. It’s a chance to replace banquet halls with beaches, and crunched timelines with crisp fall air. 


Maine’s unspoiled landscape adds an unforgettable sense of place to your day and I promise that my images will showcase exactly that, which drew you to your venue. 

Summer Camp Wedding in Maine

As Seen In: 

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