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How to Wed With A Minamalist Mindset


In a generation that teaches us to mindlessly consume, over dress, go into debt, and buy brand new - dare to wed like a minimalist. A minimalist bride or groom knows no stress, knows where he(r) dollar is going, and knows how to do more, with less. The process of becoming a minimalist is no small feat. It will force you to get grounded and get creative. At times, it may feel like a timely and tedious journey - but the results will make your wallets, your souls and the earth very happy. Whether you want to reduce your environmental impact, avoid debt, keep it simple or reduce stress - here are some tips that every minimalist couple must know before planning he(r) wedding! 


  1. Have a Minimalist Budget 


One of the greatest things about having a minimalist mindset is the minimalist budget. Being a minimalist is all about spending within your means and prioritizing what means the most to you. Plus, let’s be real - you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a meaningful wedding day. The first step to planning your wedding should be deciding on a practical budget for your entire honeymoon and wedding. It is also important to think about where your dollar is going and feel good about every purchase you make that goes towards the big day. There are still many companies out there that negatively impact the environment and society. If possible - collaborate with small businesses, artists and chefs to make your wedding day a reality. Put your dollars towards companies that give back to their communities and take action to reduce their environmental impact. Approach your wedding spending with a mindset of quality over quantity and consider what will really add to your day and what will not. 


  1. Pick A Simple Venue and Connect With Your Surroundings

There are many couples that pay many thousands of dollars for their wedding venue, which may be worth it for them but picking out a minimalist wedding venue is easy when the Earth already provides some of the most magical wedding venues for free or very little cost. Being a minimalist bride or groom means that you’ll probably also want a minimalist guest list - which allows you to be a lot more flexible with where your ceremony is held. So, say “I Do” in the nearest national park, on your favorite street, coffee shop, city park, museum, or Airbnb! Take your family on a “glamping” trip or decorate your friends’ backyard. Go back to the first place you kissed, or the place you knew they were the one. When finding your perfect venue, prioritize sentimental value. Picking a location you both feel a strong connection to is a simple, yet extraordinary way to add another layer of meaning to your special day. Plus, having your wedding in a unique place puts much less pressure on all the material things. 


  1. Make Your Decorations and Wedding Invites 

There is great beauty found in simplicity. Less decorations draws the attention away from the details and makes focusing on the experience feel effortless. When in doubt - let the natural beauty and light of the venue do all decorating for you. If you are wanting to spruce up your venue and/or reception space, look to the Earth for all of your decorating needs. Utilize nature to create your own banners, garlands and candles to set the mood. Handpick fresh herbs and perennials for centerpieces and sprinkle around dried fruit and leaves for your table spread. If you are looking to create your bouquet, consider growing your own flowers for a few months before the wedding! You can also hit the pavement and check out your local thrift and vintage shops for decorations and personal touches. To take a minimalist approach on your wedding invites - try handwriting your own invitations or go paperless and send out save-the-dates digitally!  


  1. Try The No Gifts Approach 


There is often a lot of gift giving associated with weddings. From party favors, to bridal party presents, to putting together lengthy registries - the gift giving tradition has become more of an obligation, rather than a thoughtful endeavour. So, if presents aren’t your thing - set up a donation bank for your favorite charity instead! Or wear your love for adventure on your sleeve and put out a jar for your guests to donate to your honeymoon. Not only will opting out of gift-giving save yourself and your guests a lot of money, stress, and packaged waste - but will make it much easier for you to go from being the ultimate minimalist bride - to the ultimate minimalist wife. If your loved ones are still looking for ways to be apart of your big day - ask them to give you their time instead! Does your father or grandmother love to cook? Ask if they’ll cater your wedding. Does your cousin love to sew? Ask if they’ll alter your vintage dress or tux! It is likely that you have a lot of talented people in your life who would love to offer a helping hand to make your dream wedding come true. The time spent with your loved ones and being surrounded by their personal touches on your special day will feel far more valuable than any ole’ housewarming gift. 


  1. Just Elope! 


If you are a minimalist at heart and can’t wait to tie the knot - then why not elope? An elopement is truly many couples’ dream wedding, whether they want to admit it or not. If you are trying to decide between having a small intimate wedding or getting eloped - don’t overthink it and go with your gut. Don’t let hurting your loved ones feelings be the only reason for not getting eloped. At the end of the day, your family will understand and just want you to be happy. Plus, a wedding day is about the love you share between you and your partner, nothing else. There is a common misconception that you need some sort of excuse to get eloped. And that it has to be done in a rush or in secrecy. But - you don’t need an excuse! Get eloped, simply just because you want to. There are few things that are more romantic than a blissful weekend getaway to get married. Spend your first days as a married couple in each others company, where you only have to worry about pleasing each other. Invest in a great photographer to capture the whole day so your family can feel they were there. Go somewhere new and make a trip out of it. Once the deal is done, you can host an intimate party with your loved ones to celebrate! 


If you find yourself questioning the unspoken expectations of traditional weddings, and want to make a powerful statement - be a minimalist bride or groom. A minimalist wedding is about much more than the dress you wear and the cake you choose to eat - but about putting first what means the most to you and having a deep appreciation for the non-tangible things that make your wedding day so special. Challenge yourself and see if you have what it takes to be a minimalist bride or groom!  

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