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Pemaquid Point Elopement in Bristol, Maine

Pemaquid Point elopement

Pemaquid Point is a must see spot in Maine when you're here for a visit and it's also one of my favorite spots for an elopement. The rocky coast line is absolutley breathtaking.

I was a little surprised when I was contacted for an outdoor October elopement because this time of year it's getting chilly on the ocean but I'm a hearty Mainer and I don't shy away from getting outside. All of the tourist have gone home at this point which makes it a very peaceful time for year for a visit.

Donned in my winter coat, gloves and hat I was shocked when the bride stepped out of the car in a short dress. GRIL, you are fierce!

Having been married before, they wanted this ceremony to be simple and sweet but the courthouse just didn't have the romance they were looking for. The coast of Maine offered the backdrop they had been dreaming about so they laced up their bean boots and headed for the mid-coast region.

These two had my laughing the entire evening. They are so genuinely happy and playful, it was infectious.

Pemaquid Point elopement package

These types of small elopements really are a favorite of mine to shoot because the couples generally don't care for a big fuss. They're down-to-earth and usually very romantic. I find their connections to be deep and very real which is quite moving to be in the presence of.

Pemaquid Point wedding

Pemaquid Point micro-wedding

Bristol Maine Elopement

Maine Elopement Photographer

If you're considering an elopement in Maine or searching for Maine elopement packages, I'd love to talk about how we can capture your vows in a beautiful, natural setting with photography that's deeply heart-felt.

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