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Nora & Chris: Intimate Ogunquit, Maine Wedding at the Heartwell House and marginal way.

Nora & Chris met at work.

"I've always been relatively shy, despite what people might say. I aproached her out of the blue and I looked at her and I said " do you like sushi?" . She said " I guess..". She had a boyfriend at the time and that was her response and so I promptly just ran away. Worst opening line anyone has ever delivered in the history of mankind- yet here we are. ".

It took some time but two eventually found their way to each other and quickly hit it off.

Nora, a native of CT, had been vacationing in Ogunquit Maine all of her life and describes the area as her favorite place on earth. She introduced Chris to the scenic Maine coastline and he proposed on the Marginal Way.

When Nora inquired with me, she told me that she was not the kind of person who dreamt of her wedding day since she was small. She didn't love the idea of all eyes on her or being the center of attention. While she loves her family dearly, the idea of having an overly formal, planned-out-by-the-minute wedding day filled with all of the traditional steps gave her incredible anxiety. For this reason, she and Chris decided that what they truly wanted was to be able to enjoy a ceremony with a very small group of family members with a destination wedding in Ogunquit.

"So many years when I have been in Ogunquit vacationing in the summer, I can recall seeing a couple taking engagement photos, or even seeing a bride and groom being photographed on the Marginal Way with the Atlantic as their backdrop. The idea of being able to do this myself and perhaps to actually fell present at my own wedding ceremony (something that most brides say they are unable to do because of the stress of the day) makes my heart happy. " said Nora.

The two planned on a backayrd party for when they returned from their wedding to properly celebrate with their loved ones.

"We want to have this moment to truly immerse ourselves in and enjoy the experience. Reading what you've posted on your site speaks to me so deeply and makes me feel like I'm not crazy for wanting to do this in a non-traditional way. "

Nora & Chris held their ceremony at the Hearwell House in Oguqniut.

Hartwell House Ogunquit Maine Wedding
The Hartwell House Inn

Ogunquit Maine Wedding Photographer

Small wedding in Oguqnuit Maine

Wedding Rings in Oguquit Maine

Wells Maine Photographer

Wedding at the Hartwell House in Ogunquit Maine

Affordable Wedding Packages in Maine

Wells Maine Wedding Photographer

Ogunquit Maine Wedding Flowers
Flowers by Calluna Fine Flowers

calluna fine flowers wedding in Oguqnuit Maine

Wedding at the Hartwell House Oguqnuit Maine

Harwell House Wedding in Oguqnuit

Intimate Wedding Venue in Ogunquit Maine

Location for Small Wedding in Ogunquit Maine

Oguqnuit Maine Wedding Photographer

Small wedding in Maine

Wells Maine Wedding Photographer

York Maine Wedding Photographer

Ogunquit Maine Wedding

After their vows we headed to Marginal way to capture some portraits of the two .

Marginal Way Wedding Photography

Marginal Way Wedding Photographer

Marginal Way Wedding Oguqnuit

Wedding on Marginal Way in Ogunquit

Oceanside Wedding in Maine

Perkins Cove Wedding Oguqnuit Maine Photographer

Ogunquit Maine Wedding Photographer

Perkins Cove Wedding

Marginal Way Wedding Photography Ogunquit Maine Photographer

Ogunquit Maine Wedding Photograher

We wrapped our wedding photography in Perkins Cove just in time for the two to meet up with their guests for a private meal at Perkins Cove Restaurant.

MC Perkins Cove Wedding

Oguqniut Maine Wedding Photographer

Elizabeth Ivy Photography in Wells Maine

Thank you for taking the time to look at this heartfelt, intimate wedding in Ogunquit Maine. If you're planning an intimate wedding or elopement in Maine, please reach out. I'd love to share my tips and resources with you to help you plan your dream day. As a wedding photographer in Wells Maine, I'm available to photograph weddings in Ogunquit, Wells, Kennebunk, York all the way to northern Maine, or south to New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I also travel for destination weddings, just say the word! I look forward to developing a friendly realtionship with you during your engagement season and watching your wedding story unfold.


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