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Your wedding is the start of a life rich in purpose. 

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Hi, I'm Liz!

Photographer at Elizabeth Ivy Photography


The wedding industry is telling you that its normal and even necessary to host an elaborately orchestrated event that's likely to leave you stressed out, 

exhausted and disconnected. 

I believe that weddings can be different.  I believe that you can have an amazing, intimate wedding with less stuff and more meaning. 

It’s hard being a conscious consumer in the wedding world, so I've made it my mission to help you along the way. I want you to remain true to yourselves and your values. 

I'll also send you: 

- Tips to help your guests un-plug and be present 

- How to weave an extra layer of meaning into your wedding day

- Tips for emotion-filled portraits

- Tips for a stress-free wedding day timeline

- Free printables for your event

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How To Wed Like A Minimalist in Maine

Plan your wedding mindfully, with people and planet at the core. Less stuff, less stress, more joy.

Download My Free Guide For:

Advice for planning the intimate, eco-conscious wedding of your dreams.


Tips for staying present and connecting with each other on your wedding day.


How to remain grounded while nurturing your relationship throughout the process

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