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Intimate Weddings

How This Works


We’ll start with a video chat (or meet for a coffee or drink if you’re local to Wells) to get to know each other. It’s SO important to make sure we get along before your wedding, since I'll be spending the day with you! We’ll talk about what you’re envisioning for the day, and how this whole thing works, so that you can feel completely confident in your decision when you book me!


Once we’ve made it official, I’ll send you a questionnaire to get to know you better.

I want to help you in any way I can, from finding the perfect place for your ceremony to recommending vendors to suggesting ways you can make your day truly special. I am always just a text or email away!


On your wedding day I’ll be that friend you’ve stayed in touch with online rather than some random vendor you hired, so that you can relax and trust that I’ve got you. Your wedding day should not be an all-day photo shoot – the best moments are the ones where you forget that I’m there, because you’re having so much darn fun on your own!

 Liz rode two boats and trekked all around the island capturing everything including intimate portraits of us, tender moments with family, my wife zip-lining in her dress, the natural beauty of the harbor and our surroundings and delivered a stunning gallery in under two weeks. Above and beyond photography, she was a wonderful presence at our wedding (she made the couples session seem easy and she had the ability to be everywhere at once, but never once be in the way).We could not have had a better experience with Liz.

Alanna & Chris

My couples spend $2,400 on average for me to capture the story of their wedding day and collections begin at $1400.

No two weddings are the same. If you’re looking for a different length of coverage, or you’re planning something unique I might not even have thought of, please get in touch so I can put together a custom collection for you!


Most of my couples book 6-8 hours for their intimate wedding, but how much time you need depends on so many different things. I don’t want you to rush through your day because it deserves so much more than just a few hours of posed photos. How do you want to remember the day? What do you two love doing together? When you look back on your wedding day will the story your photos tell be complete?

These are just a few examples of how you can spend your wedding day, but the best part is that you get to make it your own!


8:00am: Share a quiet moment together, snuggle up with a cup of coffee, exchange hand written love notes or small wedding day gift.

9:00am: Boys play a round of golf

10:00am- Girls pop some bubbly, chat, look at old photos and exchange small tokens of appreication.
11:00pm- Light lunch in the rooms
11:30pm : Getting ready
1:30pm-  First Look
3:00pm:  Ceremony
3:30pm:  Group photos

4:00PM - Cocktail hour

5:00PM-  Lobster Bake 
6:30PM-  Cake & Toasts
7:00pm-  Dancing & Lawn Games 

7:30pm - Sunset Portraits

8:00pm-  Liz departs


8:30am: Getting ready together in the honeymoon suite
10:00am:  Exchange hand written love notes or gift and share a quiet moment of connection
12:00pm: Ceremony
12:30pm:  Group Photos & Cocktails
1:00 pm:  Couples portraits
2:00 pm: Lunch
3:00pm: Lawn games & fun

4:30pm- Liz Departs


2:30pm: Getting ready together at your airbnb
4:00pm: Ceremony with your closest family
4:30pm: Celebrations and group portraits
5:00pm: Slip away for couples portraits
6:00pm: Dinner and drinks with your guests 
7:30pm: Celebrations

8:30pm: Liz departs


Heirloom Wedding Albums

Let’s be real? There’s very little point in investing in a wedding photographer if your photos will spend the next sixty years on a thumb drive, or on a social platform that will eventually become obsolite once people switch to the next one. I want you to have something tangible after your wedding and something that reflects the investment you've made which is why I include credits for an heirloom wedding albums in my top collections.


Read more about about my stunning handmade albums and the scientific research behind the benefits of print.

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