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6 Ways To Add More Meaning To Your Wedding Day

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It is easy to get lost in planning every detail of your wedding.  Between all the scheduling, the preparing, the shopping - it's important to look up from rhythms of life and ask yourself and your partner: what is really going to make this day special for us? In asking this,  you may find the things you thought were important,  aren't really that important at all. But it's okay, because prioritizing meaning and intimacy above all else on your wedding day will only help make less room for stress and more room for more magic. So, perhaps you may want to go get married in France instead, or simply want to have your favorite foods for dinner, and your favorite drinks at the bar. When it comes to your wedding, do what your souls ache for, even if that means taking a few risks along the way. Whether you are having a minimal wedding or a grand soireé - here are some clever ways to add meaningful personal touches to your wedding.  

Engagement Ring
  1. Create Your Own Wedding Rings


Before visiting the nearest chain jewelry store to pick out rings from the display case - consider making your own wedding rings instead! Not only does this add another layer of heartfelt meaning to your wedding bands,  but it also allows you to make it as unique, minimal or as extravagant as you'd like. Whether you want to keep it casual with wooden rings, go for a more authentic feel with a rough cut diamond or special gemstone, personalize an engraved message on the inside,  or even design a traditional ring from scratch - there are so many talented wood workers and independent jewelry makers that you can connect with online that will make your dream wedding rings come to life. If you are crafty, you can even bring out the tools and make the rings entirely yourself. In the long term, having one of a kind rings will be a constant symbol for how rare and precious your love is. There is nothing quite sweeter than that!


2. Craft a Bouquet With Hidden Meaning and Unique Aromas


A simple way to add extraordinary meaning to your wedding day is to handcraft your own bouquet. Some people choose the same flowers that their mother or grandmother used. Others incorporate the state or country flower from where their hometown or even hand pick a batch of wildflowers from their backyards. Flowers have a language of their own and you can choose your flowers based upon their hidden meanings. For example, lavender is a symbol of devotion. Fennel and mint represent strength. Sage signifies longevity and rosemary symbolizes fertility. White roses signify purity. Daisies represent innocence and daffodils represent new beginnings. It is not only important to consider aesthetics and color when piecing together your bouquet - but also smell. Pick the flowers, herbs and spices with the most appealing scents to you,  so you will always have a delicious smell to associate with by our wedding day In whatever bouquet you choose, you won't be able to see the same flowers again without feeling sweet nostalgia for your wedding day.

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3. Write Handwritten Letters To Your Partner and Closest Friends and Family


Writing a handwritten letter to your soon to be husband or wife, and the ones you hold closest to you, is a beautiful way to show appreciation for your loved ones on a day that wouldn't be possible without them. You partner,  your mom, your best friend and everyone you give letters to on your wedding day can keep that letter with them forever and have a meaningful reminder for how deeply important they are in your life. You can even write a letter to yourself. Whether it's a journal entry or a note to your future or past self - it's an amazing way to remember and process all that you felt and experienced on such a monumental day. You can write about what you love the most about your partner at that moment in time, the things you are grateful for or things you are both excited for in the future. Write freely and keep this letter for you and just for you. This way, in times of doubt or adversity, you can look back to it and experience the magical day all over again.

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4. Collaborate On A Playlist With Songs You Both Love


There is simply no better way to set a mood than with music. If you want to be in a great mood all day  - listen to nothing but songs you love all day. Before the wedding, sit down with your partner and create a romantic playlist to listen to throughout the entire day. Choose songs that give you chills, songs you've kissed to, songs that you adore the most and the songs your parents raised you on. Pick songs to slow dance to, songs to drink coffee to, songs that make you both feel alive and in love. Save the playlist and blast it on future date nights or listen to it on your anniversary day every year.

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5. Surprise Your Fiancee On The Big Day


Whether you are eloping or having a big wedding - it takes a lot of planning and exhausting energy to make the day you have always dreamed of a reality.  So, surprise your lover on the wedding day and create a beautiful memory the two of you will never forget. If you plan on spending the morning apart - get a delivery service to bring your fiancée their favorite breakfast and coffee. If you are spending the morning together, have breakfast and coffee in bed or go out on the town for a surprise brunch. Renting a quirky car, singing them a song, writing them a poem, giving them a small gift or adding a creative touch to your ceremony outfit are all super creative ways to add some spontaneity to your wedding that your partner will surely adore.

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6. Pick A Meaningful Location


Traditionally, weddings often take place in a chapel or sacred place of worship. Even though this is a beautiful tradition - it is not for everybody. The great thing about the 21st century is that it isn't necessary to follow tradition. Picking a location that you and your partner feel a strong connection to is a fantastic way to add the ultimate personal touch to your wedding. Quirky locations for weddings like bowling alleys, campsites, museums and Airbnbs often turn into really modern,  fun and intimate gatherings. If you want to get married at the place you met, the place you said yes, at the end of your favorite trail, or in front of your favorite art installation - then go for it. If the location is complicated - you can always elope and then celebrate back at home with your friends and family. Your dream location may take a few sacrifices, but so does having a big wedding. At the end of the day, choose what makes you happiest!


We all just want our wedding to be a happy memory in the books, and a day everyone can look back on and smile. Creating a unique and memorable wedding is simply all about adding personal details that capture the true essence of you and your partner's love. There are so many amazing ways to add to the intimacy and meaning to your special day, so don't be afraid to get creative. Most importantly, keep a positive mindset and don't sweat so much about the schedule or making everything perfect!  

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