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Print Is For The Future

I was 18 when my grandfather passed away.  The day before his funeral, while my family gathered in another room, I curled up on a sofa in his office and flipped through the pages of his photo albums longing to connect with him one last time.

One album in particular caught my eye and as I turned the pages, carefully examining each photo, it occurred to me that this was an album about love.


It contained images of my grandparents from when they first met, some 60 years earlier. 

The couple in these images was different from the one I knew who baked cookies with me, reminded me to remove my muddy boots when I came inside, and read me old-fashioned bedtime stories. 


This was a fresh-faced couple, full of life, with an unknown future ahead filled with travel, children, love and loss- all of which they were blissfully unaware of in these pictures.


Soon after these were taken, Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor, 3 weeks after that they were married, and the next 5 years would be spent separated by war. 

It's because of these prints that I feel like I can still connect with my grandparents even though they have passed. They also opened my eyes to the relationship my grandparents shared and the tremendous history they experienced together.


Photos are a bridge between generations. 


Dick & Betty

dad & mom, on leave, 1943.jpg


Album Orders

We live in a world saturated with photography and video. Today everyone carries a camera in their pocket and we can document nearly every moment of our lives. However this has also led to a shift in how we share, view and enjoy our media

and the thing is- we don't.

When couples only get digital images,

they risk their story being lost forever. 


Why You Need To Print Your Photos

  • Digital images are scientifically proven to be inferior to print images. When we look at a printed image, the part of our brain that engages with memory and emotion lights up considerably more than when we look at the same image on a screen. Print engages your emotions and memory in a way digital can not. 

  • Print Is A Medium That Transends Technology. Hand your wedding album to your grandmother and she instinctively knows how to enjoy it. She doesn't need to know how to swipe, which button to press, and there are no gadgets she has to mess around with. You won't need to update software or change file formats years from now with print.  It is a medium that will work for generations. 

The Difference Between Consumer & Professional Print Labs

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 9.15.02 AM.png

Take a look at the dramatic differences here between a professional lab print and consumer labs. There is a tremendous amount of variation in color, exposure and sharpness from lab to lab.  Here are a few reasons why a professional printer will produce a higher quality product and better reflect the investment you've made in your wedding day photography:   

  • Packaging –       Often times the packaging from consumer labs is inexpensive and flimsy resulting in products that arrive in less than pristine condition. 

  • Paper Quality –   Professional labs utilize archival quality paper designed to resist damage and fading and last for generations.

  • Print Quality –    Professional labs print with far more sharpness and exposure accuracy.

  • Color Quality –    The dynamic range of colors and superior color accuracy is what really sets professional labs apart.

The bindery I use, located in the heart of Europe, has won over the hearts of photographers across the globe.  They share my passion for creating heirlooms and they've designed their albums to last for decades. 

Their most popular album is a lay-flat flush-mount album, printed on photo paper well known for its dynamic color range and durable, fingerprint resistant finish.

Each album is hand-bound, arrives in a linen presentation box and offers a wide range of beautiful cover options including linen, velvet & leather.  

Albums & Prints Created To Last

The Ordering Process

Step 1. Review your album design. If you love it as is, simply hit the orange "Approve" button!


Step 2. One round of revisions is included for free so if you'd like to make changes please take your time to complete them all before finalizing. All changes requested after your first round will be $50.00 per change.  Changes in shape after initial design will incur a $75.00 fee. 

To make revisions please click the button "request changes" . You'll then be able to remove a page or request to substitute/ rearrange images. Simply type these requests into the comments.


If you are substituting an image in your album with an image from your gallery- please go the gallery, click on the image and look at the bottom for the image name and include this in the comments. 

Step 3. Please email me once all of your change have been made and include the following items:

- the size of your album

- the cover selection

- If you'd like to purchase parent albums and if so, what size.

-Confirm the address you'd like you album sent to


Step 4. Approve your final draft and complete your invoice. Your order will be placed within 24 hours. 

Processing Time: Because albums are custom and hand-made to order it takes time to ensure that every album meets exacting standards. 

My bindary reserves up to 25 business days from the time they receive payment until they deliver the product to the courier for shipment.

Album Cover Options

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 8.42.34 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 8.41.58 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 8.39.41 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 8.39.31 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 9.48.10 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 9.48.01 AM.png

     1.        2.       3.      4.      5.

      6       7.        8.      9.        

     1.        2.       3.      4.      5.


      6       7.        8.      9.        10.


     1.        2.       3.      4.      5.


      6       7.        8.      9.        10.

    11.      12. .  13.    14.     15.

     16.     17.    18.     19.    20. 

     1.        2.       3.      4.      5.


      6       7.        8.      9.      10.

      11.     12.    13.    14.

     1.        2.       3.      4.      5.

      6       7.        8.      9.        

     1.        2.       3.      4.      5.

      6       7.        8.      9.       10.      

Album Pricing *Sales tax will be added to order

12 x 16

10 Spreads 

12 x 12 

10 Spreads

8 x 12

10 Spreads

10 x 10 

10 Spreads


( 30 Available)


What's A Spread?

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.08.06

Spread is a design term describing two facing pages (the left side and the right side). All albums include a minimum of 10 spreads (aka 20 pages).


Parent Albums

Duplicate Albums are great to give as gifts and can be purchased at 30% off at the time of your first album order only. .

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 10.10.58.png







Additional Spreads

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 10.11.54.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 10.11.26.png
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