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Elopement Ideas

A Perfect 8 Hour Elopement Itinerary


People often still assume that couples only choose to elope because of reasons surrounding family, money or time. However -  many couples in today’s world are choosing to elope because they are introverts to the core and an extravagant celebration isn’t exactly their idea of fun. Similarly, thrill seekers use their wedding day as an excuse to adventure to their favorite spot and environmentalists are beginning to take the minimalist approach on how they celebrate their big day. Other couples choose to elope simply because they don’t like planning, feel anxious at social gatherings, or would rather put their money towards a legendary honeymoon. Regardless of what the reason is - an elopement is an extremely intimate and meaningful way to tie the knot. Instead of worrying about people to please and guests to feed, you can spend your wedding day solely focused on what truly matters - each other. How beautiful is that? 

If you and your partner are beginning to plan your elopement, here is an example 8 hour elopement itinerary for introverts and couples of all kinds who want to have a meaningful wedding day. 


One tip to your planning: Imagine your most perfect day. What would you do? Where would you go? What would you eat? What would the season be? Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean it can’t be extraordinarily special and unique to you. In fact, it should be! You can have an entirely magical, unforgettable wedding day when you elope and my hunch is that you’ll enjoy it more than you would if you threw a big bash. The following is merely one example of how you could spend your day- but your elopement can be whatever you dream up. 


8AM: Breakfast + Coffee in Bed 

An amazing day is only possible with an amazing morning. Whether you order room service, get Postmates to deliver brunch, or cook each other up your favorite morning meals - it’s important to treat yourselves to a big breakfast. Today is not the kind of day you want to drink your coffee on the go. Sit in bed, slowly eat your breakfast and relax in each other’s company while having a coffee of two. Snuggle up, slow down and mentally prepare for a magical day ahead. Ask yourself: What does my ideal morning look like? Think about it and share it with your partner! Taking the time to plan the morning of your dreams is so worth it and will inspire a great mood for the rest of the day. 

9AM: Get Ready Separately 

Some traditions are meant for keeps. Like taking some time apart before the ceremony to get ready. There is nothing like feeling those butterflies, like you did on your first date, or first kiss, all over again. While you slip on your dress or button up your tux, reminisce on the happiest memories you have had with your lover. It is important to have some form of alone time before a big day like this to check in with yourself, analyze how you are feeling and gather your thoughts. So, take advantage of the strange comforts of your lonesome while you daydream about what your lover is going to look like when you say “I Do.” 











10:30AM: Have A First Look + Exchange Handwritten Notes 


Before heading to where the ceremony is held - have a special first look at one another.  Exchange gifts or handwritten love notes and soak in every moment of it. Take some time to quietly connect and appreciate one another. Don’t forget to bring the tissues! 


11AM: Head To Ceremony Location  


After you are done with your first look and exchanging gifts, you can make your way to where your ceremony is held. If you have to drive there - give yourself plenty of time to get there. If you have to hike to the ceremony spot - don’t forget to bring water and snacks. Consider renting a unique car for the day and ride around in style. It may even be fun to hop on public transportation to get around! 


12PM: Ceremony  + Champagne Toast 


Elopement ceremonies typically only take about 15-20 minutes. Since it will be a small, intimate ceremony - don’t be afraid say vows that come straight from the heart. The gushier, the better! After saying vows, exchanging rings and perhaps reading a poem, playing a song or sharing a dance - pop a bottle and have a toast to celebrate! Most importantly, take your time and take in all the sights and smells around you.  







1PM: Have A Picnic Lunch With A View 


To keep the excitement alive during your elopement, include small surprises wherever you can. Maybe you can pick a surprise picnic spot, while your partner packs the perfect surprise picnic lunch. This is much more romantic approach to a mid-day meal on your wedding day than finding a random restaurant to chow down at. Plus - what could be cuter than a classic picnic lunch packed with love? Not a cook? Get a local restaurant to pack you a gourmet lunch to indulge in. Listen to some songs you love, drink your favorite beverages and enjoy the fact that today, your only responsibility is to enjoy the day and be with one another.  


2PM: Portraits And Photos Together 


If you hire a great photographer, they’ll want to get some more photos of you and your partner. Go on a photo taking adventure at some scenic spots.. Be a tourist for an hour or two in your wedding attire and let your photographer capture all the magic! Your day is only as fun and meaningful as you make it out to be -  so let loose and be your silly selves. 

















4PM: Enjoy The Evening To Yourselves 


Possibly one of the best perks of getting eloped is that you are typically on your own time schedule. You could be done with your entire wedding day in just 8 hours! Once your photographer leaves, let your honeymoon festivities begin! Whether it means throwing on your robes and watching a movie, or hitting the town for some celebratory drinks - turn your evening into an ideal date night. Order some delicious food, find a romantic spot to watch the sunset and talk about your incredible day together. There is no wrong way to celebrate your wedding night - all that truly matters is that, at the end of the day, you both feel special and loved. 








Bonus Tip: 


Invest in a photographer to follow you around for the full day! Get creative and let them capture you hanging out in your pajamas, enjoying a picnic and popping champagne. It is important to document your elopement so that you, your partner and your families can cherish it forever. Showing your family photos that capture the raw, vulnerable moments will make them feel as though they were there. Have a celebration with your family once you tie the knot and reveal the photos and/or videos! It will feel just as special as a small, intimate wedding would. 


If you and your partner are questioning on whether or not you want to get eloped - the truth is, you probably already know the answer, but are too worried about what others want you to do to say it. Remember: This is the one life you have to live, don’t spend it pleasing others. Do what makes you and your partner feel most comfortable. Even if that means sneaking away to tie the knot! The wedding industry puts a lot of pressure on society to spend a lot of money and host way too many people. The result is often stressful and exhausting, especially for those who are naturally anxious at parties, or would rather spend their savings on experiences. Getting eloped is not selfish - it’s a powerful act that can sometimes take a lot of strength to do. So, if you and your partner are introverts at heart, an elopement is certainly worth considering! 

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