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Down-To-Earth, Rooted In Intention.

Photography for the couple seeking meaningful connection on their wedding day.


Hi, I'm Liz,

the easy-going photographer behind

Elizabeth Ivy Photography.  Based out of Wells, Maine, I travel  throughout New England photographing heart-felt, intimate weddings. 

How many times have you heard someone say: 

"My wedding was so stressful!" 

"If I could do it all over again, I'd do it differently." 

"I never had a chance to enjoy myself."


Many in the wedding industry ( including many photographers)  believe that it's normal and even necessary to host an elaborate,

overly orchestrated event that's likely going to leave you feeling stressed out, exhausted and disconnected. 

Who wants that on their wedding day?!

I know for a fact that weddings can be different.

 I believe that you can have an amazing wedding with less fuss

and enjoy every minute of it. 

Seriously. It's OKAY to have a wedding your way and

I'm here to help you make that happen all while delivering 

beautiful photos that tell your story.   

Here's How I Help You Connect With Each Other On Your Wedding Day

  •  I let your event unfold naturally. I'm not going  to stage every moment or drag you through hours of stylized shooting. I want you to enjoy and be present on your wedding day. 

  • As a minimalist, I carry only the essentials.  I'm a "fly on the wall" not the paparazzi with second and third shooters, stage lighting and special effects.  

  • I'm passionate about intimate weddings. I'll help you through each step of the planning process with a focus on making it your own.

  • I'm a notary public in the state of Maine with the ability to sign your marriage license. That means you can have anyone read your vows or you can skip the officiant all together and simply read your own words to each other because I'm all about keeping things easy and simple!

Meet Liz

That's me right there with my little people. 

I haven't always been a wedding photographer- in fact I started out photographing families on the beach.


Believe it or not I used to be super scared of photographing weddings!

Bride-zillas, over-the-top venues with extravagant ballrooms, and tuxedo clad waiters? That's just not me! 


But then I had an ah-ha moment. What if there were couples like me who wanted to keep things down-to-earth? People who were more concerned about making their guests feel deeply loved than whether or not their napkins matched the invitations. 


Turns out there are a lot of couples like that! I found my people and their weddings awoke a fire in my soul. So here I am now"Wedding Photographer to the Chill People."


Seriously, I've experienced so much joy serving the couples who have leaned in to who they are, their relationship and the relationships they share with their family and friends.


It's amazing how real love shines through in that kind of enviornment and that's incredibly inspiring to be in the presence of. 

describe my work and style as: 

here's more. 

Simple. Natural. Heartfelt.

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Cow Island Portland Maine Wedding Photog

Alanna + Chris

"Liz is the best decision I made on my wedding day besides my husband. We had a 50-person wedding on an island in Maine. Above and beyond her beautiful photography, Liz was a wonderful presence at our wedding, she made everything so easy, and she had the ability to be everywhere at once, but never once in the way.

Dedham Maine -31.jpg

Adam + Hannah

"We are so glad we hired Liz as our wedding photographer! She was wonderful to work with, so flexible and she brought such a calm and confident vibe to our day. We love the photographs! They perfectly capture the happiness of our day and her natural style was perfect for our wedding." 

Cliff House Maine Photographer testimoni

Dawn + Joe

"Liz is a naturally happy person and was so pleasant to be around. She made us feel so comfortable and was really invested in our story. She took our story, and documented it. She gave us back this gift that we can not only have for ourselves but for our kids and grandkids and their kids too. Thank you Liz. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you."