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Intention in Every Choice

    Meaning in Every Moment


Your wedding should reflect the ways you live and love 

Imagine your favorite day. Those you love surround you with warmth, and the unforgettable feel of being home. The food that’s shared over big tables and the sound of conversations that tumble into laughter. A day of sea salt breezes and sun-warmed skin that dips into an evening of campfires and clambakes.


Our best memories are often the most simple—the act of being encircled by our favorite people in our favorite places.


Why plan a wedding that’s any different?


I know what you’re probably seeing in wedding magazines and blogs. That a wedding is only a wedding if it’s elaborate, overstuffed and overly-orchestrated. 


But here’s what I want you to know: 


It is OKAY if you don’t see yourself in those blogs.


It is OKAY if big bridal parties and even bigger to-do lists just aren’t for you. 


And it is OKAY to reject that which does not resonate with you.

Hi! I'm Liz.


Our wedding was everything we never knew we wanted. It was magical. I can't imagine how much we would have lost if we had a wedding with over 200 people in. 


We would have lost so much in the experience. 

 Instead, we invited every single correct person and stopped where we should have. You have to draw the line somewhere but every single person who was there, was there with helping hands, loving hands. I didn't feel like I was there to impress people but we were there relishing in the presence of the people who loved us. 


I felt so incredibly loved and supported.  I can't believe that our day was so perfect. -Crystal, 2021

Purposeful, not perfect 


Because you’re seeking a wedding day that feels genuine and imagery that matches the natural style and deeper emotion of the day. 


My goal, always, is to create

images that move you


It begins the very first time we talk. As we build a real relationship, I’ll learn what matters most to you. So on your wedding day, I’ll know exactly how to best document these memories and you’ll have space to simply enjoy your day.


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Simplicity isn't about sacrifice

An intentional wedding is..

  •      Purposefully intimate 

  •      Relaxed, but full of emotion

  •      Focused on heartfelt rituals

  •      Celebrated with authenticity

  •      Surrounded by love and nature

  •      Curated, thoughtful details that      emphasize quality, beauty and meaning

The moment you realize this sort of wedding is real—and it can work for you—is a breath of fresh air. It’s a sense of relief that instead of trying to contort yourself to fit someone else’s ideas, you can honor what feels true to you.

How much do I believe in the power of simplicity? I wrote a book on it. 


Create your authentic, intentional wedding with my planning guide.

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Micro is Meaningful


Give yourself permission to create the wedding you want


Sharing your vows under a forest bough ...   

Gathering those you cherish at the family orchard … 

Flowers in your hair cut from the garden ...


Your wedding is a chance to curate a day that is deeply personal and meaningful.


Couples like you choose intimate, intentional weddings for different reasons. Perhaps the thought of so many people fills you with anxiety. Or you find those elaborate ballroom affairs overwrought. Maybe you didn’t even consider a small wedding until right now.


Whatever the reason, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you're here.


When you’re not rushing through the day, treating your wedding like a series of tasks to tackle, you’ll find space to slow down. You’ll be able to appreciate each moment as it comes without feeling pressure to move on to the next. And you’ll have a gorgeous, fun experience.


At the end of the day, the one thing I don’t want you to say is,

Wow, that flew by. 


Because it didn’t. It passed with joy and ease.


This is my promise to you:
I’ll help you create the authentic, purposeful day you want. 

I want you to think of your wedding photography, not as a transaction, but as an experience built on trust and understanding.


In return, you can expect...

  • A calm, reassuring presence to help you see the bigger picture instead of getting bogged down in minutiae

  • Portraits that are relaxed instead of unnatural and don’t steal focus from enjoying your day

  • Allowing things to unfold naturally instead of staging fussy productions or forcing any traditions that don’t resonate with you

  • An unobtrusive approach (think “fly on the wall” not paparazzi)

Cow Island Portland Maine Wedding Photog

Alanna + Chris

"Liz is the best decision I made on my wedding day besides my husband. We had a 50-person wedding on an island in Maine. Above and beyond her beautiful photography, Liz was a wonderful presence at our wedding, she made everything so easy, and she had the ability to be everywhere at once, but never once in the way.

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Adam + Hannah

"We are so glad we hired Liz as our wedding photographer! She was wonderful to work with, so flexible and she brought such a calm and confident vibe to our day. We love the photographs! They perfectly capture the happiness of our day and her natural style was perfect for our wedding." 

Cliff House Maine Photographer testimoni

Dawn + Joe

"Liz is a naturally happy person and was so pleasant to be around. She made us feel so comfortable and was really invested in our story. She took our story, and documented it. She gave us back this gift that we can not only have for ourselves but for our kids and grandkids and their kids too. Thank you Liz. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you."

This is the art of effortless photography


Surrounded by the sort of unreal beauty you’ll only find in Maine


Something magical happens once you cross the border. The billboards disappear, the world comes alive, and the noise of life grows quiet. Maine is the sound of waves against a rocky shore and the whisper of wind through the trees. It’s mountain lakes and lobster boils and the freedom to roam. 


Almost every couple I work with has a connection to Maine, whether that’s Midcoast, Down East or the western lakes and mountains. This is just the sort of place that calls you back over and over. It’s a chance to replace banquet halls with beaches, and crunched timelines with crisp fall air. 


Maine’s unspoiled landscape adds an unforgettable sense of place to your day. It’s the warm, natural backdrop to a wedding planned with intention and free of expectation.

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There’s beauty in simplicity, in choosing intention over show.

I’d love to share with you how my minimalist values and approach  to photography will seamlessly complement your day.