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How to Be Truly Present on Your Wedding Day

A common fear for couples is not remembering every minute of their long-awaited wedding celebration. After months of planning, it's understandable to worry about failing to appreciate each moment amidst the emotions and expectations. However, with some practical strategies, you and your partner can fully immerse yourselves in every meaningful memory as you embark on this new chapter.

The newly married couple shares a quiet moment after their vows for a drink before joining the reception

Unplug Completely

Switch off smartphones and disconnect from all technology, including social media, TV, and news. Encourage your guests to minimize phone usage as well so everyone can truly tune into the present moment with you. Having fewer cameras clicking nonstop also allows you both to relax into the experience.

Prioritize Self-Care

Get plenty of sleep leading up to the big day, and fuel up with a nourishing breakfast and snacks to stabilize energy. Stay hydrated and avoid extreme dieting so you feel fully yourself. Aim to approach the celebrations well-rested, calm, and cared for internally.

Release Expectations

Perfection is impossible, so mentally prepare for hiccups, and even embrace them as fond memories down the road. Allow yourself to fully feel the wide range of emotions that may arise, from joyful to anxious. Remind yourself that this is a wonderful privilege and an intentionally crafted day based on your love.

Personalize the Experience

Reflect on what a celebration aligning with your truest selves would look like. What traditions could you forgo? How can you infuse more "you" into the events and attire? Leaning into your authentic selves will help you feel present.

Seize Moments of Stillness

Pause during transitions to take a few deep breaths together while holding hands. Soak up the sensation of your palms touching without words. Use brief quiet interludes to reconnect with the present before moving onto the next wedding memory.

Commemorate through Writing

Spend a few moments journaling privately in the morning to process feelings and capture your bridal reflections. Or write letters to each other to read later reliving just how profoundly present and connected you felt as everything unfolded.

By caring for your minds and bodies, purposefully slowing down, and boldly customizing the day around your unique love, you can craft a beautifully present wedding experience that you'll continue reflecting on and learning from. The memories made will only deepen and grow more profound with time.

As a Maine Wedding Photographer specializing in weddings of under 100, intimate weddings, elopements, minamonies, and micro-weddings across the State of Maine, I'm here to document your wedding day in an unobtrusive, heartfelt way to maximize your ability to say present while capturing authentic, natural moments. Get in touch to discuss your plans!


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