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Answers To My Most

 Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q.  Do you use a second shooter? Do I need one? 

A. No. Maybe. 

At the moment I don't use a second shooter or an assistant. I consider myself a minimalist and I carry as little as possible with me and because I photograph mostly smaller events I don't find that logistics are complicated enough for a second shooter. I understand if you feel you really need one- some couples really do- especially if they require a photographer to be in two places at the same time. I find I'm able to capture everything I want while working alone. 

Q. We're having a large wedding- will you consider photographing us?

A. That depends. What's your mindset as you plan your larger wedding? Where is your heart at?  I'm open to taking larger weddings and I have photographed weddings of 150+in the past.  My connection with you and the purpose behind your wedding is what matters most to me. My sweet spot is weddings of 25-75 people though.  

Q. How many photos do you deliver?

A.  There are a few variables here but I aim for around 25-50 per hour. If you have a lively activity like dancing, you'll receive more photos than if you're having a slower-paced activity during that hour. 

I don't operate from a "take a photo every second" place. I like to take some deep breaths and look around me for shots that move me.  I also think it can be a little unnerving having someone firing off the shutter a million times a minute for 8 hours of your wedding day. I want to keep the mood relaxed and much like your wedding day I'm looking for quality over quantity. 

Q. Do I need getting ready shots?

A. Yes-ish. Imagine watching a movie for the first time and it starting right smack in the middle of the story. You don't have much context for the where it's taking place or what led up to his moment. Viewing your wedding photos in an album can be a similar experience if you open up right to the I-dos. 


I think you should have * some * getting ready shots even if you're not interested in having me cover the entire process. Having a little bit of time to photograph the little details of getting ready makes a nice introduction to your story. It's also a great way for us to warm up- by the time we get to the portraits portion of the day you'll be totally used to me and my camera. Ask me more about this when we chat! 

Q. We're nervous about the couples portraits. What's your approach?

A. You're not alone. Here's my belief: You two have years of experience kissing, hugging, holding each other and snuggling. Any photographic shot list is going to produce images that don't feel authentic because they're designed for everyone not you. I may start you in a pose but you're going to make it your own by just doing what feels comfortable and right to you. When you look at your images and I want you to say " there we are".  


Also, let's be real, no one wants to spend hours turning their head ever so slightly to the left, one arm a little bit lower, and then hold still while the assistant adjusts the lighting get the idea.


I want you to walk away from your portrait session feeling like you've enjoyed a little down time together on your wedding day. It's a great time to connect in a romantic way on your special day. 

Q. How much should I budget for my wedding album?

A. Most of my couples set aside an additional  $1,000-$1500 for their wedding album(s) and here's why: It's hard to really tell your wedding story in the minimum number of spreads ( 10). Your wedding story will be best told between 30 and 40 spreads. You're investing thousands into your wedding photography, you're going to want an album that reflects the investment you've made and that will LAST so you can pass it on.  Internet and drugstore print products are designed to give you an image for the cheapest price- not for the truest color, sharpest image or longest lasting pages. 

When you skip the album it's kind of like spending thousands on a stunning designer gown and then never taking it out of the closet.  

Q. Can I print my own photos?

A. Yes- I provide you with a print release. Some photographers maintain the right to print so they can control quality but here's the thing- at the end of the day- I WANT you to print your images- even if it's just from your home printer because that is the very best way to relive your wedding day. ( read more about how the brain responds completely differently to print). I'd prefer you to enjoy your images in the very best medium possible but if it means you're not going to print- I can't let that happen. 

Q. What do you mean when you say you're a "natural" and "minimalist" photographer?

A. It means a few things. I'm a minimalist in regards to the amount of equipment I carry, the fact that I shoot without an assistant and the lack of styling I use in my posing and scenes. 

I'm natural in that I want your photos be an accurate reflection of your day. I want your photos to look like how you remember your day without a lot of special effects turning it into something it wasn't. 

Authenticity is a large part of my approach. 

Q. Talk to me about editing: 

A. I edit for colors and sharpness first. Occasionally I'll do a bit of beauty editing, removing a blemish or smoothing skin in a handful of special images but I don't spend hours photoshopping the people in my images.  If you're looking for additional editing I can send your images out to a specialty photo-shopper for an additional fee. 

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